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It is a new more reliable and and affordable USB charger for single and multiple devices. It gives you liberty to charge number of devices with single power socket availability. You can use it most USB charger types by using their required cable. Like micro USB charger, USB wall charger, USB C Charger, multi port USB charger. It can be used as multi USB charger station, 4 port USB charger, USB charging port, usb charging station for multiple devices.

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Any device without energy is useless, Charges is as important as mobile. Some time only one charging point is available but number of mobiles need to charge. Thanks to this micro usb charger which solves most of the charging issues. This usb wall charger has its own charging cable and additionally 4 more USB cables can be insert in the adopter for charging and it makes it . It is also workable as USB C charger with C type Cable. 4 Extra USB charging point makes it a good usb charging station. Due to fast increase in mobile usage, multi port usb charger becomes need of the day.

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